About TCI Vacuum Forming

TCI Vacuum Forming specializes in large, deep-drawn and complex parts. We are committed to providing quality, value and customer service to each and every project. Our team of mold design and thermoforming experts will manage your project from concept to finished product. And… we consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for quality and turnaround at a competitive price.

Now also offering pressure forming capability, TCI has both rotary and single station forming machines that can form parts up to 6’ x 10’. Our 5-axis CNC routers provide precise, repeatable trimming for complex parts and the most accurate results. Our quality management system ensures that your parts are delivered to your specifications time and time again.

About Thermoforming:

In general, a vacuum forming mold is much less expensive than an equivalent injection mold, especially for larger parts. Turnaround can be 1-2 weeks for prototype parts off of temporary tooling.

The pressure forming process produces highly cosmetic parts with crisp detail. A female mold can be custom textured for consistent part appearance, and pneumatic actuations can be utilized to achieve complex geometry like undercuts. This process is excellent for user-facing covers and housings.

Material Selection:

We commonly form both custom and standard colors of the following materials:

-  GP and FR ABS
-  Acrylic/ABS
-  Polycarbonate
-  Acrylic

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